Scottish Men's Morton Tartan Traditional 8 Yard Kilt 16oz

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Celebrate your Scottish heritage with the Scottish Men's Morton Tartan Traditional 8 Yard Kilt. Made with 16oz of high-quality craftsmanship, this kilt features the distinct Morton Tartan, representing the illustrious origins of Clan Morton. Embrace authenticity with this unique piece.

 Kilts are made exact to size labelled. Please check your waist where you want to fasten kilt.

Some key features are as follows:
8 Yards of soft, Warm 16 oz.
The Kilts has a Pleated back and is Flat across the front.

Authentic Traditional 8 Yard Kilt Pattern

Kilts length 24" for all the sizes.

Cotton lining provides extra comfort.

It's easiest to have someone measure you

  • Stand straight up and relax
  • Measure at points shown without holding your breath
  • Ensure measurement is not taken over thick clothing
  • Tape measure should be snug but not too tight
  • All measurements measurement’s in inches
  • Kilt measurement is not the same as your trouser / pant waist measurement.
  •  We are unable to offer a refund or exchange on made to measure items, unless they are faulty as it is unlikely that we will be able to sell a made to measure item to another customer. Ensure your measurements are accurate re-measure at least twice! If possible get a tailor or seamstress to measure you up. 
  • This measurement is taken around the waist at navel. Normally a kilt is fasten at the belly button, but it’s totally up to you where you want to fasten it.
  • kilt size chart

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