Scottish Men 100% Cotton Urban Camouflage Formal Police Kilt


        Urban Camouflage Utility Kilt is the ultimate kilt for the outdoor enthusiast. Our Urban Camo Kilt comes with just about everything anyone would need that spends time in the outdoors. This Urban Camouflage Utility Kilt can take just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it. It is the same as of our all other kilts to be worn daily. Durable, the pleats are sewn on both the inside and the outside so your kilt will keep its form.

        Material: Cotton
        Fabric: Camouflage
        Style: Utility
        Type: Scottish/Highland
        Front Pockets: Flapped with Buttons
        Front Down Pocket: Flapped with Buttons
        Buttons: Brass
        Fastening: Buttons

         Measure your waist exactly where you’d like the top of the kilt to rest.

        • Kilt measurement is not the same as your trouser/pant waist measurement.

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