Black Denim Utility Kilt Flap Pockets Pleats deep sewn Double Stitching

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Black Denim Kilt for Men is made up of heavy duty denim fabrics which is specifically designed for rough and tough job. This is actually a utility kilt made up of denim fabrics as there are two flap pockets on the either side.

There are two denim flaps given with buckle for better adjustment. On the back, there is one flap pocket which is relatively small in size. Pleats are sewn deep inside which gives the full swing to the wearer. Overall, it is a perfect and really comfortable kilt to wear.


Heavy Duty Denim Fabrics
Two Flap pockets on either side
Pleats deep sewn
Double stitching
Rust-free hardware.
Design of Black Denim Kilt
Now let’s talk about the design of this Black denim kilt with cargo pockets. So without taking your much time let me take you to the features of this kilt.


The front of the kilt has not much decoration as there is one plan apron made of heavy denim fabric. The texture of denim looks really amazing and appealing. he belt area of this kilt is around 2.25 inches along with loops provided to hold the belt. All the buttons and hardware used in the kilt are 100% rust-free.


There are two flap pockets given on the sides of the kilt. Each pocket is reasonably big and carries enough space to hold enough material. On the sides, there are also two straps made up of denim material are given for better and comfortable adjustment.