Highland Grey Scottish Men's Kilt Outfit Set White Sporran, Chain, Belt, Buckle,

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Scottish Men's Traditional Highland, Kilt  Sporran  Chain  Belt  Buckle  Pin

Kilts are made exact to size labelled. Please check your waist where you want to fasten kilt.

1 - Kilt
5 Yards of soft, Warm 13 oz.
Kilt's Inner lining protects the quality and ensures comfort.
Machine Washable Kilts.
The Kilts has a Pleated back and is Flat across the front.
80% Acrylic & 20% Wool.
3 adjustable Leather straps allowing 2 Inches of Adjustment.
Kilts length 24" for all the sizes.
Cotton lining provides extra comfort.
16 oz to 24 oz Weight of the kilts depending on the size.
Casual Kilts Can be used for both formal & informal occasion.

2 - Sporran

· Made from the finest real leather and fixings.

· This elegant design is made using only the finest materials.

· At full size, this will easily carry a wallet, mobile, lighter etc.

3 - Chain

· Sporran Chain that will fit waist sizes from 30"- 54"

4 - Belt

· Simple and elegant design suitable for any occasion.

· Belt is made from 100% real leather with stainless steel catch.

5 - Buckle

· Buckle is made from a durable high finish material.

· Other buckles are available upon request.



 Measure your waist exactly where you’d like top of kilt to rest.


Customer Reviews

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Alexandra Svenningsson
Awesome!! I love it!!

This is a Christmas present to my boyfriend and it looks awesome..
Everything i order where there..
He is going to love it...
The sporrong was nice..perhaps i should order me one 😉🥰