Double Steel Boned Waist Training Cotton Underbust Tight Shaper Corset

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    • We propose 4-5 inches reduction on your waist when putting the corset on. Please choose the corset size based on your waist. For example, for a 27 inch natural waist, Corset Size Small (24 Inch Corset Waist) fits for tight lacing. The corset size selected based on your waist measurements can fit you well as long as your Underbust & Hip measurements are within the range. Please use our size chart on the LEFT to choose the size.
    • Heavy Duty Double Steel Boned Corset for perfect hourglass figure. This corset can draw in your waist and flatten your tummy & suitable for Tight-Lacing, Shaping and Waist Training. This corset also provide solid support to your lumbar, middle and lower back. It can also help with posture correction if wearing it during work.
    • 100% Cotton
    • Dry Clean Only
    • Fastening: Busk
    • Hourglass
    • Slim

  • 8596 SC

    How to select the Corset Size?


    • Please take your measurements based on the photos below.
    • Please choose the size based on natural waist measurement.
    • The corset size selected based on your waist measurements can fit you well as long as your Bust & Hip measurements are within the range.
    • The size proposed is 4"-5" reduction on your waist when wearing the corset.



    How To Put On Your Corset:

    1. At the back of the corset, untie the bow and then fully loosen the laces. Do not remove the knot at the bottom end of the corset.

    2. Detach the front busk fastening and gently loosen the laces at the back. Open the garment as wide as possible with only a pair of small loops at the centre back.

    3. Wrap the corset around your body while adjusting the modesty panel so it would be flat under the laces. Fasten the third hook from the bottom first, then fasten all the remaining hooks at the bottom then all remaining hooks at the top. Refasten those that come undone after fastening the others.

    4. Gently pull the long loops of the lace until the corset stays in place without holding it.

    5. Starting either from the top or bottom, gently tighten the laces while adjusting the modesty panel in its place and smooth it out.

    6. Tie the laces into a bow but do not make a knot. Make sure there is 1-­2 inches gap between the two sides of the corset. This will vary between the top and bottom depending on the shape of your body. The centre of the corset should be pulled in the most. Note: Corsets require adjustment over a few days. When newly worn, the gap between panels should be between 3-­4 inches going down to 1­-2 inches over the course of adjustment process.

    7. If you want to hide the extra lacing, you can braid it and pass under crossed laces on your corset either from the top or bottom.Note: Never make a knot out of your laces at the center as it will be very difficult to undo the knot when removing your corset.

    The First Time You Wear Your Corset:

    This corset should feel snug and comfortable. If there is no gap at the back where the lace is, it means the corset is too big for you. Before adjusting the gap at the back, make sure that the gap would be 3­-4 inches and 1-­2 inches.

    Adjusting Your Corset:

    You wouldn't wear a brand new pair of shoes out for a long walk, in the same way you don't take your corset out of its package and wear it to it's tightest all day long.

    1. Wear the corset so it feels slightly snug, not tight.

    2. After 15­-30 minutes, pull the lace a bit.

    3. Continue to pull the lace a bit every 15-­30 minutes, until the corset is fully tightened.

    Removing Your Corset:

    Untie the bow at the back of your corset strings tugging the laces by pulling it loose from the top all the way down the line. Then remove busk from top down.

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