Military Combat Men's Heavy Duty 100% Cotton Utility Kilt

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Military Combat Tactical Duty Kilt Police Cargo Urban UniformUtility Kilt

This unique Tactical Duty Kilt is a fully-functional utility kilt made of highly durable polyester/cotton blend. Designed to perform on duty, at the range, or in an operational environment.


Side cargo pockets hold two 30 round AR magazines or three pistol magazines (one of each version)
Belt loops sized to accommodate up to 1.75" (4.4cm) Operator belt
Front belt loop includes badge holder
D-rings for attaching sporran
Kilt design affords maximum flexibility and breathability

Material: Cotton,

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Denis Verheylewegen
Would like to be able to review it.

As it's been 3 weeks and the package didn't clear the customs to the EU yet, I'm unable to post a review about the object.